The workshop i held in conjunction with SRDS. The workshop is held in the LIRIS room. For more details see the SRDS web page.

Tuesday Ocobter 1

MorningW-PSDS workshop
14.00-15.00 Keynote: François Guezengar, Ethereum foundation, "Build a Plugin on top of Remix IDE"
15.00-16.30 Technical session:
  • Pooled Mining is Driving Blockchains Toward Centralized Systems Liuyang Ren and Paul Ward
  • ForkMon: Monitoring the networks supporting Bitcoin Hard Forks Thiago Luiz Gontijo de Almeida, Pierre Francois and Stéphane Frénot
  • Towards A Unified Programming Model for Blockchain Smart Contract dApp Systems Joshua Ellul and Gordon J. Pace.
16.30-17.00 Coffee break
17.00- SRDS Tutorial and reception

Keynote speaker presentation

François Guezengar, Ethereum foundation

Build a Plugin on top of Remix IDE

Remix plugins enables you to create interoperable components for decentralized applications. It provides a easy way to connect existing technologies together and create reusable decentralized micro-services for the web. Let's discover how to build and connect plugins with Remix