Call For Papers


The blockchain technology has rapidly gone from a fringe technique to hype, especially in the financial sector. However, independently of the success or failure of certain cryptocurrencies, the idea of a intrusion-resilient distributed database holds great potential also in many other sectors. Blockchains have been proposed as a mechanism to store and share information related to, among others, real estate transactions, supply chains, voting, healthcare, and insurance. While some security properties (e.g., double spending attacks in cryptocurrencies) have been extensively studied, more research is needed to study aspects such as the reliability of the software that controls the data structures, the availability of read and write operations under varying conditions, scalability studies, as well as other security-related aspects such as post-quantum blockchain.

Scope and topics of interest:

The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum where the dependability aspects of blockchain can be discussed. We welcome technical papers containing theory, methods, techniques and evaluations as well as case studies describing blockchain deployments. Areas of interest include but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Dependable blockchains
  • Formal verification of blockchain code
  • Blockchains for dependability
  • Blockchain consensus mechanisms
  • Post-quantum blockchain
  • Blockchain performance evaluation

Proceedings and submission

The workshop proceedings will be published as an appendix to the SRDS conference proceedins in IEEE Xplore. See the submission page for details on format.